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What is this site about? Why we created it? is a replacement for site which is currently inactive. was created somewhere in 2010 by Graham Murt as a homepage for his InnoIDE tool.

InnoIDE was (and still is!) popular free interface for creating [InnoSetup] installers, created by Jordan Russel.
When Graham Murt retired from development of InnoIDE whole website was closed down (this was somewhere in August 2012).

As many users still look for this tool we created this site - it is a copy of original site made from snapshot from [] from August 2011.

You can find here basic information about InnoIDE, download latest version and download sources.

Some parts of this site may not work correctly - especially Donate buttons, Screenshots, Contact form and some links!
We do NOT continue with development of this tool!
Authors of have no responsibility for InnoIDE, and related stuff!

Please use [Visual & Installer] (for Visual Studio 2005 - 2019) or [RAD & Installer] (for RAD Studio 2009 - XE8, 10 Seattle - 10.3 Rio) to edit Inno Setup script files. These editors are replacement for InnoIDE which is no longer in development. Alternatively you can use [Graphical Installer] to create cool looking skinned installers.

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Click here for more details... Copyright © 2010 - 2019 Graham Murt
Visual & Installer - Visual Studio addin for creating Inno Setup installers RAD and Installer for Embarcadero RAD Studio 2009, 2010, XE - XE8, 10 Seattle - 10.3 Rio