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InnoIDE - Released 5-Jun-2011
  • Fixed "Index out of bounds" error when clicking on the grid views.
  • Other minor fixes & code improvements
InnoIDE - Released 25-May-2011
  • Editor font is now changed by CTRL + Mouse Wheel
  • Editor now supports unicode characters
  • Lists now remember their last selection when refreshing.
  • Improved the Function/Procedure list (issue with code comments)
  • Fixed issue Paste issue with some edit boxes
  • Fixed saving of unicode documents
  • Fixed issues with extra " characters being added to the script
  • Fixed issue with code section being overwritten with previous versions
InnoIDE - Released 14-Dec-2010
  • Now saves as UTF-8 if required
  • Fixed control sizes on IconDetails->Common tab
  • Fixed issues with compression settings
  • Fixed the Save button not enabling for #Includes file changes
  • Fixed "cannot open clipboard" error
  • Other minor fixes and updates
InnoIDE - Released 24-Nov-2010
  • Added GAC Install flag to files edit screen
  • Auto-indent now works when working in the [code] section on the main script
  • Fixed issues with UninstallDisplayIcon setting
  • Fixed file icons when converting to relative paths
  • Fixed Clipboard functionality on Edit screens
  • Fixed language entry issue (InfoBeforeFile)
InnoIDE - Released 16-Nov-2010
  • Added a popup menu to the Types view
  • Fixed popup menu widths on some edit screens
  • {#CompilerPath} & {#SourcePath} constants are now evaluated in the pre/post compile actions
  • Fixed small issues with the comment/uncomment feature (Ctrl+/)
InnoIDE - Released 15-Nov-2010
  • Added a new [facebook] page for InnoIDE
  • Now supports {#CompilerPath} and {#SourcePath} for #includes files
  • Fixed clipboard actions for ComboBox controls on edit screens
  • Fixed the UninstallDisplayIcon settings issue
  • Fixed issue with comment/uncomment feature (Ctrl+/)
  • Fixed the syntax highlighting for the Pascal Scripting view
InnoIDE - Released 05-Nov-2010
  • No/Yes setting values are now converted into the corrasponding True/False values
  • Fixed problem with parameters not being parsed correctly
  • Removed duplicate menu items from Files popup menu and Pascal Scripting popup menu
  • Fixed issue where setting Flags could cause the application to freeze (or
    generate a lot of " characters in the script)
  • Fixed issue where popup menu edit commands did not work on some edit boxes within InnoIDE screens
InnoIDE - Released 02-Nov-2010
  • Added font size changing by using the mouse wheel while holding CTRL
  • Added Verify files to files context popup menu
  • Extended the "Select all" function to the list screens (CTRL+A)
  • Fixed issue with parameters not being parsed correctly for pre/post
    compile actions
  • fixed issue which prevented the saving of #includes files
  • Fixed issue with the icon association not working correctly
  • Fixed "Verify files exist" which failed when using wildcards (*.*)
  • Fixed issue with drag-dropping a source directory to the file list

InnoIDE - Released 01-Nov-2010
  • Added an "Open Folder" option to the compile progress screen
  • Added a "Compile and Run" function (Shift+F9)
  • Compile progress screen now correctly remembers it's size/position
  • Added full support for drag/drop of Directories
  • Added a drop-down list on the Settings button
  • Added a "Verify files exist" function (Ctrl+Shift+V)
  • Added a block comment/uncomment function (Ctrl+/)
  • Holding ALT now allows column selection in the code editors
  • F1 now opens up the standard Inno help file
  • Fixed an editing issue where a semi-colon exists in any of the item properties
  • Fixed problems with validation messages when editing with multiple items
  • Errors are now fully reported in the compiler progress log
  • Fixed a application freezing issue when working with the Pascal scripting
  • Disabled the Before/After install options on Component, Task & Types screens
  • Fixed files list where files were not displayed if no DestDir exists
InnoIDE - Released 07-Oct-2010
  • Added the ability to drag/drop files and *.reg files directly in to the InnoScript edior view
  • Added a Goto Line editor function (CTRL+G)
  • Fixed script compiling when using non-unicode InnoSetup
  • Fixed issue with some file icons not displaying correctly in the files list
  • Fixed issue with drag/droping of *.reg files to the registry list view
  • Fixed issue with Delete key in the editor
  • Fixed issue where Tabs did not work in #includes files
  • Fixed *.iss icon association which was not registered correctly
  • Fixed issue where pre/post compile parameters were not parsed correctly.
InnoIDE - Released 1-Oct-2010
  • Fixed error when trying to save the settings to the user data folder (usually on exiting the program)
InnoIDE - Released 30-Sep-2010
  • Settings Screen now takes into account if multiple entries exist for the same option within #if / #else conditional defines and disables controls where this occurs.
  • Added a "Command Prompt" option for pre/post compile actions
  • Added a "Listview Font Size" setting to the Preferences screen
  • Icon Details - Filename & Icon Filename drop-downs fixed
  • Fixed dropping of first letter for standard scripting functions
  • Fixed errors when running InnoIDE without admin rights
  • Fixed issue where pre/post compile actions didn't exclude comments
  • Folder list drop-downs now correctly populate the project directories
  • Fixed Install/Delete Type drop-down
  • Fixed Install/Run files list drop-down
  • Fixed issue where the Delete key didn't work on Edit screens
  • Fixed issue with Pascal highlighting in the scripting view
  • Fixed issues where comments (;) were not evaluated for #defines
  • Fixed clipboard actions which previously were had a small delay
  • Other minor fixes and updates
InnoIDE - Released 11-Sep-2010
  • Changed fonts throughout to use the MS Shell Dlg 2 font for correct font substitution on different Windows versions
  • Generate App ID now creates a guid starting with '{{'
  • Fixed issue regarding the changing of compression options in the settings screen
  • Fixed issues with project menu items which
  • Moved "Preferences" to the "Edit" menu and "Code Signing Tools" to the "Tools" menu
  • Fixed form size/position saving *.ini file location
  • Other minor fixes and updates
InnoIDE - Released 6-Sep-2010
  • Pre/Post compile actions now log their Command Line output to the compiler log window.
  • Files list view now supports drag & drop from the windows explorer.
  • Registry list view now supports drag & drop of *.reg files (Registry
    export files)
  • Compile log window now saves it's last position and size.
  • Fixed issue where editors were a bit sluggish when scrolling or moving the caret.
  • Further optimisation to the script loading code.
  • Fixed checkbox captions on the Directory Edit screen.
  • Other minor updates and fixes.
InnoIDE - Released 6-Sep-2010
  • Fixed issue where Pascal functions/procedure list was not updated
  • Save Dialog now shows the correct button captions
InnoIDE - Released 2-Sep-2010
  • #include is now treated as case in-sensitive
  • Added an hour glass cursor when loading scripts
  • Optimised the loading of scripts (hopefully larger scripts will load
    quicker than previous versions)
  • Fixed issues related to opening of #includes files on right-clicking
  • Functions/procedures list should now update correctly when switching
    between the main script and includes files
  • Fixed "index" error when clicking File->Close Script

InnoIDE - Released 2-Sep-2010
  • InnoIDE installer and contained *.exe are now signed with our shiny new certificate :-)
  • Added a "Sign Tool" section to the Preferences screen for configuring code signing commands
  • Added a "Insert Guid" function (CTRL+G)
  • Improved support for opening #includes files (now supports AddBackslash, SourcePath, CompilerPath)
  • Added an "#Includes" drop down button to the Inno Script view for opening #Includes files
  • Added "Source Folder" column to the files list view
  • Added "Dest Name" column to the files list view
  • Added an "Open source folder" popup menu option on the files popup menu
  • UseRelativePaths option now only affects newly added/edited files
  • Added options in the Files popup menu for converted the selected files to relative/absolute paths
  • Added manual entry edit boxes to the bottom of the "Components" and "Tasks" tabs to allow for boolean expressions
  • Removed "Check for update" on startup
  • Fixed incorrect flags for the AlwaysInstall/AlwaysUninstall flags on the Folder Details screen
  • Folder Details - AlwaysUninstall and NeverUninstall can not now both be checked at the same time
  • Fixed Locate line in script (was 1 line out)
  • Fixed incorrect captions on "Save as" dialog

InnoIDE - Released 25-Aug-2010
  • First official release of InnoIDE ;-)



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